OREANDA-NEWS. February 07, 2011. Scheduled meetings of Conflict Resolution Commissions set up in line with the Company’s new policy of interactions between contractors and suppliers have been held in the key regions of TNK-BP operations and in the Corporate Center in Moscow, reported the press-centre of TNK-BP.

The Conflict Resolution Commissions were established to resolve disputes and to review complaints of TNK-BP suppliers and contractors regarding pre-qualification process in contractor selection and also counterparties’ claims related to their disqualification.

Three complaints from LLC Vit, CJSC Sibirsky Nauchno-issledovatelsky i projectny institute ratsionalnogo prirodopolzovania and OJSC NPP Burservice. were reviewed at the said meetings. Besides, implementation of the earlier decisions taken on counterparties’ complaints and preparation for scheduled for March meetings of Regional Councils for interaction with suppliers and contractors were also discussed.

Since December 1st, Day One of the Conflict Resolution Commissions, the Commissions have received eight complaints and issued recommendations with account of the counterparties’ position regarding four complaints. One complaint will be reviewed by Saratov Conflict Resolution Commission at the next meeting.

“The Conflict Resolution Commissions regardless of their recent start have already begun demonstrating their effectiveness as a tool of building up a dialogue with contractors and suppliers. Complaints received by the Commissions help in planning of one-off and regular corrections to be made in contractor selection processes. According to statistics, representatives of contractors and suppliers communities in Siberia and Orenburzhie have been most active today. I would like to see greater interest to the work of the Conflict Resolution Commissions displayed by our counterparties operating in the Central Federal District and Ukraine”, said Andrey Kozlov, TNK-BP Vice President on Regional Policy and Chairman of the Central Conflict Resolution Commission, commenting the outcomes of the meetings.

Regional Conflict Resolution Commissions have been set up in the key regions of TNK-BP operations; they hold meetings at least once a month, and in certain cases they may hold meetings off-schedule. Any counterparty who works with any company of TNK-BP Group can appeal to the Conflict Resolution Commission by filling in a special form placed at the TNK-BP website.

You can find the form of a complaint to the Conflict Resolution Commission and detailed information about the Commissions at: http://www.tnk-bp.ru/procurement/council/. Please, e-mail the filled-in complaint form to Secretary of the Territorial Conflict Resolution Commission for review.