OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2011. Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan increased b 3% year-on-year in 2010 and made up USD 21.842 billion, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said. At the same time, trade turnover of Uzbekistan with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) made up USD 9.424 billion (plus17.7%) and other states 0 USD 12.418 billion (-5.9%).

At the same time, USD 13.044 billion (plus10.8%) of total foreign trade turnover fell to share of Uzbekistan’s exports and USD 8.798 billion (-6.8%) to import transactions.

According to the committee, exports of Uzbekistan to the CIS countries grew by 10.8% year-on-year in 2010 to USD 5.899 billion, while exports to other countries fell by 9% to USD 7.146 billion.

The volume of imports of Uzbekistan from the CIS countries made up USD 3.526 billion, or decreased by 13.8% year-on-year. Imports of Uzbekistan from other countries fell by 1.4% year-on-year to USD 5.272 billion.

In the reporting period, the share of the CIS states in total trade turnover of Uzbekistan made up 43.1% and other countries – 56.9%.

Current account balance surplus made up USD 4.247 billion in 2010, including with the CIS states – USD 2.373 billion and other states – USD 1.874 billion.