OREANDA-NEWS. February 14, 2011. At January at Alma-Ata the meeting, concerned with finishing of the unique project of placing of the reactor spent nuclear fuel on quick neutrons BN-350 for long keeping, took place.

The reactor was constructed at the city of Aktau at the soviet period. Its energy was necessary for providing with warmth and electricity of nearest populated points and desalination of water. After working out of the resource it was solved to preserve the reactor and to place the spent nuclear fuel at the ground of long keeping. It was done. Sevmash actively participated in the international project from 2008 till autumn of 2010. The enterprise supplied shipping casks for keeping of the spent nuclear fuel UKKH-123, and as a result it was admitted the reliable partner.

This theme was discussed at a meeting at Alma-Ata at January, in which participated specialists of Sevmash – Chief of the production of the technical purpose Alexander Abarbarchuk and main specialist Ekaterina Gileva – and representatives of 12 enterprises.