OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2011. Kyivstar extends the duration of the popular "SMS XL" action up until July 30, 2012 for existing clients and offers a possibility of getting connected to it also for Beeline-Ukraine users.

From now onward the "Beeline-Ukraine" users alongside with the "Kyivstar" and DJUICE clients will be able to take advantage of the "SMS XL" action. This will make it possible for the Beeline-Ukraine users to send text messages to Kyivstar and DJUICE users and to save on a SMS-message. Under the terms of the offer a user can order 50 non-rated SMS-messages per 24 hours for communicating with all the clients of the merged Kyivstar. The price for ordering the action is 1.0 UAH. The user’s fee is 1.0 UAH per day.

For ordering participation in the action the merged Kyivstar clients should dial 477*15* on the phone and press the call key. The participation in the action of the clients who got connected to it earlier will be extended automatically.

The rate includes VAT and a Pension Fund charge in the amount of 7.5 percent from the value of the user’s fee without considering VAT.

Kyivstar has taken care that its clients communicate more at affordable prices.