OREANDA-NEWS. July 21, 2011. DIXY Group, one of the Russia's leading retailers of foods and everyday products, today announced that photography is permitted in all DIXY stores.

Company management took this decision to make it easier for customers to provide feedback. Now every DIXY store has a poster in a conspicuous place telling customers that they can take photos on their own without notifying the administration. The poster also provides the email address to which photos can be sent if they pertain to claims against the performance of a specific store. All photographs will be reviewed by company officials, and the appropriate measures will be taken in each specific case.

DIXY Group continuously strives to improve the quality of its service and products. This initiative is unprecedented for the Russian retail. Its primary goal is to provide company management with reliable information on possible departures from DIXY's corporate standards at individual locations.

Ilya Yakubson, DIXY Group president, said:

"Strange as it seems, this was an easy decision for us. We're in step with the times, and since almost everyone has a telephone with a camera, we need to take advantage of it. We, like any large company, have our lapses. We are therefore appealing to the media and ordinary citizens to help us - to point out our mistakes so that we can fix them and become better with every passing day."

The limitations are not to shoot people without their personal permission and not to disturb the operations of the property.