OREANDA-NEWS. September 2, 2011. NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today it will host Asia's first meeting for worldwide standardization of Machine to Machine Communications (M2M), ETSI TC M2M (*1) (*2). The meeting will take place at NEC's Tamagawa Plant from September 12 to 16 and approximately 100 participants from 40 companies, including telecom operators and ICT vendors from across the world, will take part in the meeting.

"We are very proud of our hands-on involvement with this meeting," said Shigeru Okuya, Vice President and Senior General Manager, NEC Corporation. "There are now a variety of ICT vendors offering M2M applications and sensors with original interfaces. As a result, interoperability difficulties between devices and applications produced by these vendors poses a challenge to the expansion of M2M services. Through this meeting, participants seek to foster an environment where M2M services can be cooperatively discussed and a standard interface for applications and sensors can be developed."

NEC developed and launched sales activities for its "M2M Service Platform," containing core functions for M2M services, for corporate use and telecom operators. Features of the M2M Service Platform include certification and management for attached equipment, data collection and storage functions for each piece of equipment, as well as security functions.(*3) Moreover, by adopting a variety of standards, including ETSI, a range of equipment and applications are interoperable.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to participate in standardization activities and to develop M2M services that satisfy market demands.