OREANDA-NEWS. December 5, 2011. In December 2011 Segodnya Multimedia publishing holding will present its new project – Segodnya Multimedia press studio to be run by Antonina Bondarenko.

Antonina Bondarenko commented on her appointment, "Press studio is an innovative media platform creating opportunities for synergy between Segodnya newspaper, regional newspapers, segodnya.ua online resource and corporate capacity of the company. I am confident that the future of media business lies with such media platforms."

"The opening of Segodnya Multimedia press studio is one of the first planned projects, which are important for the long-term capitalisation of the publishing house. Segodnya Multimedia press studio will significantly expand our opportunities and reinforce our positions in the media market," noted the CEO and Editorial Director of Segodnya Multimedia Alyona Gromnitskaya.

In 2003 Antonina Bondarenko graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Department of Business Management. In 2009 she completed a post-graduate course in the National Academy of State Management under the President of Ukraine, with a degree in Public Administration Mechanisms.

In 2004 she started her career as a senior NGO and media relations specialist at the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. In 2005-2011 Ms Bondarenko was the Press Secretary at the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. In 2010 she organised a dedicated training course for press secretaries of the Ministries and central executive bodies in the Senior Civil Service School.

Ms Bondarenko has several dozens of publications on cooperation between governmental authorities, civil society institutions and media.

She received a Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, a Certificate of Merit by the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee and a Certificate of Recognition from the Prime Minister of Ukraine.