OREANDA-NEWS. December 7, 2011. Please be informed herewith that the FFMS has registered the new version of the Clearing Rules of Depository Clearing Company (DCC).

The new version of the Clearing Rules (hereinafter the ‘Rules') comes into effect on December 19, 2011.

Par. 3.3. of Article 3, Part 1 of the Rules was amended to specify the requirements to the documents to be provided to DCC by the Clearing Participant in respect of its client which is the holder of the trading cash account in case the latter is not a Participant of DCC.

Besides, due to the planned close of business of OAO RTS and its merger with ZAO MICEX, the following paragraphs of the Rules were edited:
Par. 14. 5. 5. of Article 14, Part 1;
Par. 11. 2. of Article 11, Part 2;
Par. 23. 1. of Article 23, Part 2.

The following changes were made to the list of appendices to the Rules:
Appendix E09(O) added. This report will be provided upon settlement of trades on DVP-online basis;
Appendices D17; D18; G02; E09 amended;
guidelines for completion of Instruction G04 were amended.

The new version of the Clearing Rules is available on DCC web-site .

Shall any questions relating to this message arise, feel free to contact your account manager at DCC.