OREANDA-NEWS. December 8, 2011. The general view of "Shelter" facility of Chernobyl NPP has changed forever. JSC "Atomstroyexport", the company of State Corporation "Rosatom", together with the Ukrainian partners completed erection of the new vent stack over Unit No. 3 and "Shelter" facility of Chernobyl NPP (II phase of ChNPP). The vent stack towering over the "Shelter" facility and known to all will be dismantled within the nearest three years, disassembled and placed in a specialized burial place.

At the beginning of November, 2011 the preparatory work package was finalized for the roof of Unit 3 (elev. +71.00 m) for erection of the vent stack structures, the stack support edge weighing more than 40 tons was mounted. The new vent stack is a metal tower more than 50 meters high with the gas-escape stem of 6 meters in diameter located in the stack. The elevation of the new vent stack top is at the height of 125 meters.

According to the words of Vitaliy Dragunov, Project Manager from JSC "Atomstroyexport", Chernobyl NPP is a unique construction site, therefore

the organization and performance of physical activities are characterized by important peculiarities:

ChNPP is a facility in-service, where it is necessary to maintain working capacity of the systems and communications, and access of the personnel is carried out according to the work permit and access system. It is a nuclear facility, and that is why the strict normative requirements are applied, which observance is supervised by the State inspection of nuclear safety of Ukraine. It is a post-accident facility, for which high radiation risks, unstable condition of structures, difficulty of access to a place of work performance, constriction, etc are characteristic. Dose and medical limitations were established for the given site.  And at the same time it is a construction site with a respective set of risks, where not only experts of nuclear branch, but also constructors, are working. The specific condition for us, being the Russian company, is that the foreign (Ukrainian) technical and construction norms and rules are applied on this site. All that dictated special requirements to us as to the organizer of works, and all actions on the site were performed without excess of the control levels of personnel radiation safety.

In the I quarter of 2012 JSC "Atomstroyexport" plans to finalize works on installation of the light barrier and systems of radiation control of the new vent stack.