OREANDA-NEWS. December 12, 2011. Vladivostok international airport must pay 178,655 Rubles for setting the limit on providing motor fuel to an air carrier, reported the press-centre of FAS Russia.

On 22nd November 2011, Primorie Regional Arbitration Court confirmed the decision of the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in the Primorie Region (Primorie OFAS Russia) regarding Vladivostok International Airport OJSC.

In September 2010, Primorie OFAS Russia found that Vladivostok International Airport OJSC violated Part 1 Article 10 of the Federal Law On Protection of Competition by abusing market dominance.

Vladivostok International Airport OJSC issued an order On Setting Limits for Providing Fuel-and-Lubrication Materials that limited provision of motor fuel to Vladivostok Avia OJSC.

The limit was much lower that the needs of Vladivostok Avia OJSC for normal operations of its special equipment in the airport.

Establishing the fact of the violation, Primorie OFAS Russia fined the airport 178,655 Rubles and issued a determination to abolish the Order.

Vladivostok International Airport OJSC disagreed with the decision and determination of Primorie OFAS Russia and filed a lawsuit. The Court, however, confirmed the rightness of the decision made by the antimonopoly body. Vladivostok International Airport OJSC also challenged OFAS Order to impose the fine. On 22nd November 2011 Primorie Regional Arbitration Court also dismissed the claim of Vladivostok International Airport OJSC.

This is not nearly the first violation committed by the airport. And we expect that remedies undertaken by Primorie OFAS Russia will have positive effect upon Vladivostok International Airport OJSC, which will stop violating the antimonopoly law, commented the Head of OFAS Department for Antimonopoly Control, Dmitry Abrosimov.