OREANDA-NEWS. December 15, 2011. On December 1, the "Credit Rating" rating agency confirmed the deposit rating of the bank at the level "5" - the highest level of deposits’ reliability

National rating agency "Credit Rating" held the update of banks’ deposit ratings. According to information as of November 2011, Piraeus Bank received confirmation of its highest rating (level "5") at the rate of the previous month. The Bank continues to maintain the highest rating of deposits’ reliability since the founding of the rating, i.e. from March 2009. According to November’s data, the highest rating from the agency "Credit Rating" received only 9 of 93 banks that passed the evaluation.

As the agency noted, the highest rating of deposits’ reliability confirms the possibility of a financial institution to perform the assumed obligations of returning the deposits within the next 12 months from the date of rating publication in time and fully.

"Since early 2009, when Piraeus Bank received the highest rating of deposits, we continue to hold the highest rating indicating that we have chosen the right business strategy for Piraeus Bank on the Ukrainian market, - Vyacheslav Koval, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine acting Chairman of the Board, said. - Bank continually updates its line of deposit products, offering customers the deposits that best suit their everyday needs. For example, at the time customers choose the short term deposits with high interest rates. That's why we offered the deposit "Christmas spirit" with 20% per annum in hryvna for 2 months placement."