OREANDA-NEWS. December 15, 2011. Fujitsu expresses its concern to all those who suffered damage in the recent floods in Thailand and sincerely hopes for their safety and quick recovery.

In response to the floods, Fujitsu established a flood response headquarters at its subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand, Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand), quickly dispatched support staff from Japan to Bangkok and nearby areas, and worked to restore the ICT systems installed in customer offices and manufacturing facilities.

Now, as the flooding has subsided, Fujitsu is launching a Thai Flood Damage Special Recovery Support Program to support the ICT environment and equipment that is essential for restarting customer operations.

In this program, Fujitsu will provide to customers, free of charge, datacenters in Thailand and Singapore operated by the Fujitsu Group as well as a cloud environment to support the quick recovery of customers' vital ICT systems and their future business continuity measures.

By supporting the recovery of customer ICT systems that were damaged, the Fujitsu Group seeks to help customers restore normal business operations.