OREANDA-NEWS. December 16, 2011.  The Sino-Zimbabwean diamond mining joint venture firm, Anjin Investments, has to date injected close to 400 million U. S. dollars into the operations and plans to expand its plant in line with its objective of maximizing production of the precious stones.

The joint venture firm, which is established by the Zimbabwe government-owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company Limited of China and is tipped to become the biggest diamond producer globally in terms of production and investments, said since inception, close to 400 million dollars has been poured into the operations.

Speaking to journalists at the two-day media tour of the Marange diamond field meant to expose both local and foreign journalists to developments at the diamond field, Anjin Investments Chief Engineer Hu Shijie noted that the bulk of the investment has been channeled towards setting up of modern diamond mining infrastructure.

The diamond mining firm which was recently authorized to commence export of the precious stones by the global diamond watchdog, the Kimberley Process, has five modern production lines with each unit processing an average of 2,000 tons of ore per day.

Meanwhile, the company has completed the installation of two additional processing units at a cost of 16 million dollars which will bring the total number of production units to seven.

Each of the new production units has the capacity to process 3, 000 tons of ore per day.