OREANDA-NEWS. December 16, 2011. Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Chubu Systems Limited today announced the release of QRMining, a software package, primarily for manufacturers of consumer products such as automobiles and electronics, which analyzes and predicts in advance major product issues.

By enabling the integrated monitoring and analysis of various data sources—including information from consumers that has been made public by the government, consumer complaints from a company's call center, and Internet reviews from social media as Twitter, blog sites, and other sources—the new software makes it possible to detect early warning signs of major problems with a company's commercially available products and quickly implement countermeasures.

The software employs text mining technology(1) from Fujitsu Laboratories Limited that extracts details of complaints from text-based malfunction-related data. It also utilizes complex sequential analysis technology that performs multifaceted analysis of a wide variety of data, thereby enabling the discovery of hidden causal relationships and the detection of early signs of abnormality.

During the development of this software, Fujitsu collaborated with customers from the automobile industry to confirm the results of the technology through joint testing.