OREANDA-NEWS. December 19, 2011. This year, faced with market environment changes, Baosteel Financial Co.,Ltd. adjusts business strategy and follows the principles of balancing service and efficiency. On the one hand, it helps enterprises to solve the financing difficulties and reduce financing costs; on the other hand, it actively involves in the market operation, increases money making capability, achieves good operating results and exceeds the annual budget target. Meanwhile it enhances customer service level and its professional service ability is approved, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

Faced with commercial bank credit's increasingly stringent conditions and going up of loan interest rates, Baosteel Financial insists on providing preferential interest rates and strongly supports member units in reducing financial costs. Faced with commercial bank credit's increasingly stringent conditions and going up of loan interest rates, Baosteel Financial greatly expands the application of electronic commerce notes.

Its upstream and downstream industry chain clients amount to 115 and cumulative trading volume is expected to exceed one hundred billion yuan by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Baosteel Financial actively collaborates with financial service center, plans and builds note management service platform, carries out specialized, standardized, e-management on paper note. Baosteel Financial has formed characteristics in fixed-income investment. Market research reports such as "Currency Market Daily", "Bond Weekly" are readable and have reference value. They are welcomed by the member units. During the Baosteel Metal short-term financing and issuing, Ningbo Steel short-term financing and issuing, Baosteel Engineering short-term financing and issuing, Baosteel Financial's financial advisory service capability is recognized.

Baosteel Financial actively innovates management mode. Drawing on asset management companys' management concept and operation mode and with asset liability management as the main line, it has set up Baocaitong profit multipling fund, low-risk investment fund and liquidity management fund. It carries out specialized operation and market allocation through benchmarking with fund companies' configuration concept, research methods and risk control measures, and has achieved remarkable results. Baocaitong profit multipling fund outperforms 4.22% of full price index of the Bond Market.

Baocaitong low-risk investment fundoutperforms thecurrency market fund average value. With enhanced capital strength after the capital increase, Baocaitong liquidity management fund wins line of credit from 14 commercial banks amounting to 15.7 billion yuan and annual inter-bank trading volume is expected to reach 150 billion yuan, effectively guaranteeing more than 3000 billion yuan of annual clearing flow. According to China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co. Ltd., Baosteel Financial corporate bond trading volume ranks sixth among national non-bank financial institutions.