OREANDA-NEWS. December 20, 2011. By results of 2011, it is expected 5 percent growth. This was announced by the First Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development and Trade Andriy Klyuyev at a press conference in Kyiv.

According to him, there has been economic growth of GDP for 11 months at 5.3% that was the result of prudent pragmatic Government policy. Following the results of January-November, industrial production has grown by 7.8%, Andriy Klyuyev said.

The First vice Prime Minister also stated that the leader in growth for the second consecutive year is the engineering - the branch of high value added where the production growth in volumes has exceeded 17.4%.

"The positive dynamics is also demonstrated by agricultural production - for 11 months of this year, agrarian and industrial complex has grown by 16.5%. This year, it is expected the highest cereal harvest in the history of independent Ukraine - as at 12 December, there were collected over 55 million tons of grain. This is a record," Andriy Klyuyev said.

As he said, the implementation of major infrastructure projects, especially preparation of objects for Euro 2012, helped consolidate the positive dynamics in construction - the volume of construction works on the outcomes of 11 months increased by 12.5%. According to him, growth in the sector of building of housing has constituted 100%.

This year it has been constructed about 2 thousand kilometers of roads, in the following is scheduled to construct to the same volumes, the First vice Premier of Ukraine declared.

He stressed that activation of production activity has improved a financial condition of the enterprises - their profits were increased almost 1.5 times. "Thanks to it, the positive financial result of enterprises in the country was increased more than doubled, this has amounted to over 97 billion," Andriy Klyuyev said.

He also noted that a stable and profitable operation of domestic enterprises is stepped up investment process, which is the basis for long-term growth and competitiveness of the economy. According to him, following the results of January - September, fixed capital investments were increased by 21.2%.

"Improving of level of social security and incomes of population indicates to maintenance by us of social vector of reforms.  It will be so and henceforth," the First vice Prime Minister of Ukraine emphasized.