OREANDA-NEWS. December 21, 2011. The 5th 2011 CBN Financial Value Ranking (CFV) Award Ceremony and Finance Summit sponsored by First Financial Daily was held in Beijing. China Industrial International Trust Limited (Industrial Trust), as the third trust company to be controlled by a commercial bank in China, won the Trust Company with the Greatest Growth Potential in 2011 with its powerful development momentum and good business performance since its stock restructuring, becoming the only trust company to receiving this honor across China, reported the press-centre of IB.

CBN Financial Value Ranking (CFV) has been held successfully five times in succession up to now, and it is one the appraisal activities with the greatest influence in the Chinese finance field. CFV has established a professional and systemic evaluation system and invited top and leading experts in the field of economic and financial research as the members of the appraisal committee. The awards set up in the activity include Annual Financial Character , Annual Financial Institution, Annual Economist, Annual Wealth Management Brand, and Annual Financial Literature .

Established in March 2003, China Industrial International Trust Limited is the third trust company to be controlled by a commercial bank in China, and among the first group of trust companies introducing strategic investors from abroad. Since its strategically significant stock restructuring in 2011, Industrial Trust has established a clearer development model, built a well-established organizational structure and network across China at a fast rate, improved its profitability and brand image significantly, and maintained a fast and sound development momentum of all businesses, showing a strong competition potential in the industry.

By November 4, 2011, the company had 405 existing trust projects, and existing trust assets under its control ha d gone beyond RMB 100 billion, reaching RMB 101.052 billion. With securities investment trusts as a unique business, Industrial Trust began to enter the business field in June 2010, and it ha d quickly enhanced its brand reputation and market influence in the field over a short period, ranking front among trust companies in China in terms of indices such as quantity of newly-issued securities investment trust products and scale of newly-increased securities investment trust business. In addition, Industrial Trust has established business cooperation with most of the top 50 private placement fund companies in China.

As a trust company in the banking system, the advantageous resources and market influence of the controlling stockholder create s favorable conditions for Industrial Trust to achieve leap-frog development. In 2011, Industrial Trust fully launched its five-year development strategy planning in an all-round way. In line with the strategic regional orientation of Basing in Fujian and Serving All China, the company will further consolidate its independent management competencies, exert itself to improve its business development and service capacity, and devote itself to becoming an outstanding integrated trust service supplier, outstanding investment management supplier, and building a first-rate trust company with diversified and characteristics services across China.