OREANDA-NEWS. December 27, 2011. Thus from 1 January company reduces monthly fee to 10% by tariff plans "Megaline Hit", "Megaline Light", "Megaline Box" and "iD Net Hit", " iD Net Light".

Also from 1 January 2012 monthly fee will be reduced to 5% by tariff plans "Megaline Hit Optima" and "Megaline Light Optima".

Besides, Megaline connection cost will be reduced to 6%, irrespective of tariff plan.

Traffic threshold to external resources included to monthly fee will be increased from 0,8 GB to 3 GB by tariff plan "Megaline Start", also speed will be increased after traffic threshold increase to external internet resources.

Monthly fee will be reduced by tariff plans "Megaline Drive" and "iD Net Drive" to 12,5% from 5 600,00 tenge with VAT to 4 900, 00 tenge with VAT.

Internet access speed will be increased by tariff plans "Megaline 2000" and "Megaline 4000", provided by means of EV-DO technology on base of CDMA-450 equipment to subscribers of settlements of regional significance and lower from 256 Kbit/s to 512 Kbit/s.

10% reduction will be made by tariff plans "Megaline Hit" and "Megaline Light", included to the batch "Smart phone", also some changes to Smart Phone Turbo and Smart Phone Drive are made.

Besides, from 1 January 2012 rates to International IP VPN will be reduced to 25%, provided to end consumers.