OREANDA-NEWS. December 27, 2011. In Ukraine a number of businesses that may get right for an automatic refund of VAT are rapidly increasing. STS data show that domestic entrepreneurs change their work in accordance with criteria set by the Tax Code.

In particular, in five times decreased the number of VAT payers who have discrepancies between their own tax credits and tax liabilities of their counterparties. In January 2011 these taxpayers was 1753, at the end of the year - 301.

The share of export transactions at zero rates decreased. Recall that the law requires for getting VAT "automatically" that the limit in 40% of such transactions in foreign trade enterprises does not exceed. According to reports, to the proper level has reached a third of candidates for automatic compensation.

At the beginning of the year did not meet the criterion 390 companies, at the end - 257.

Also decreased by half the number of taxpayers which right to "automatic" was hindered by tax debts. During the year, from 211 such enterprises remained 112.

In the tax service these trends regard as a desire of taxpayers to get right for automatic VAT. During the year, according to tax servicemen, local business rated the advantages of this mechanism and show interest in it.

For the period of the Tax code automatically refunded almost 14 billion UAH for 297 enterprises. Among them are representatives of all regions of Ukraine.

According to the forecast figures, the amount of refund for 2011 is 39 407 million UAH from which refund as for 01/12/11 39 434 million UAH. That is for 11 months of this year exceeded the annual average goal of 27 million.

As of December forecast rate of compensation makes 3,344 million UAH.