OREANDA-NEWS. December 30, 2011. NCSP Group (LSE: NCSP, MICEX: NMTP) reports consolidated operating results for January-November 2011.

To ensure comparability with previous periods the statistics have been adjusted for the volumes handled by Primorsk Trade Port Ltd., which was acquired by NCSP Group in January 2011.

NCSP Group’s total cargo turnover in the reporting period amounted to 142 984 thousand tons which represents an increase of 3 043 thousand tons or 2.2% versus January-November 2010.

In the eleven months of 2011 liquid cargo volumes recorded an increase of 3 150 thousand tons or 2.7% versus the same period of 2010.

In November 2011 the Group reduced the slippage in crude oil volumes against the 2010 schedule to 0.1%. Crude oil transshipment by NCSP Group for the reporting period totaled 103 658 thousand tons, including 10 154 thousand tons handled in November 2011 which represents record monthly volume since July 2010.

Volumes of oil products transshipment across the Group increased by 29.8% or by 3 434 thousand tons. The total volume of oil products handled during the reporting period amounted to 14 951 thousand tons, of which 4 455 tons attributed to diesel transshipment by Primorsk Trade Port Ltd via the two berths rented by the Group since January 2011.

In January-November, 2011 the Group handled 4 780 thousand tons of grain in total.

Growth was also recorded in other bulk cargoes: iron ore and ore concentrate (+654 thousand tons or 33%), mineral fertilizers (+114 thousand tons or 6.2%) and sugar (+85 thousand tons or 5.8%).

General cargo turnover in the eleven months of 2011 totaled 8 445 thousand tons, representing a -12.3% or 1 179 thousand tons reduction versus the same period of last year. Volumes of timber (-482 thousand tons or -47.3%) and ferrous metals (-752 thousand tons or -10.5%) decreased due to general turmoil in the global markets and the resulting decrease in demand from key consumers of Russian timber and metals.

The volume of non-ferrous metals transshipment in the eleven months of 2011 increased by 0.4% or 4 thousand tons compared to the same period of 2010, amounting to 1 021 thousand tons.

In the eleven months of 2011 Group’s container traffic in TEU terms increased by 28.9% versus the same period of last year and totaled 539 thousand TEU, including 148 thousand TEU handed by Baltic Stevedoring Company. Container traffic in TEU terms in Novorossiysk in January-November, 2011 amounted to 391 thousand TEU which represents 47% increase compared to the same period of 2010.