OREANDA-NEWS. February 02, 2012. Moldasig, insurance company, has called the Association of sugar beet growers to civilized relations in the framework of the contract signed. In its statement, the company has called extremely insulting the attempts of the Association of beet growers to discredit Moldasig in public and to accuse it of exerting pressure on the growers, in neglecting its obligations and in violating the law.

According to Moldasig, these accusations are groundless. The company has stressed that it holds dear value their reputation and is not going to spend public funds and means of assured people to repair damages not caused by risks insured. Representatives of Moldasig have called baseless the blames that company changed the terms of insurance by raising the deductible and “deceived the growers”.

According to Moldasig, as the terms of the contract were discussed with the company-reinsurer, it changed the terms. However, the growes had an opportunity either to require other terms or not to sign the contract.

As for accusations of dragging out the resolution on compensations put forward by the Association, Moldasig has said the following: in accordance with the contract, insurance money is paid not later than in 30 days after the ultimate identification of the sum of damage. The respective certificates verified by the insurer and Sudzucker were presented on December, 12-15, 2011. In addition, significant deviations have been found in some of them after the verification with accounting findings of aspirants for compensations.

The difference in figures has been found in 11 certificates of agricultural entities which overrate the sum of insurance money by over 3 mln. leis. Now appraisers of Moldasig are thoroughly verifying the information, concerning the areas gathered and the volume of the yield.

They are calculating sums of the insurance compensations on the basis of the terms of the contract concluded. 28 companies – insurance policyholders have been sent the information about the order of calculation of the insurance money at a sum of 12,44 mln. leis; 13 of them have already been paid indemnifications at a sum of 5,85 mln. leis. Moldasig has stressed that all previous years the company concluded contracts with policyholders directly, and there was no incidents as far as each party met its contract obligations.

As analyzing the baseless accusations, Moldasig supposes them but an attempt to sink credits taken by insurance policyholders at the expense of Moldasig and the insurance indemnification. Here, such difficult-to measure phenomenon as drought is nothing but a perfect screen for one’s technical faults insurers themselves often agree with.