OREANDA-NEWS.  February 2, 2012. From 1 February through 15 April 2012, the Bank of Moscow is offering a new, seasonal deposit. Each client that opens a deposit will receive a welcome bonus from the Bank of an interest rate of 11% per annum for the first 90 days, plus an additional bonus for existing depositors. If the Bank client opening a Seasonal Cumulative deposit already holds a deposit with the Bank of Moscow, an additional bonus of 1% per annum in roubles or 0.25% per annum in USD will accrue over and above the rate in place for the 310 th day to the end of the deposit term.

The deposit is opened in RUR or USD, with the minimum deposit of 30 000 RUR or 1 000 USD. The deposit term is 400 days and the deposit is replenishable at any time.

"Our new seasonal deposit will be of interest to the active members of our current clientele wanting the most efficient placement of their free funds", commented Natalia Konovalova, Managing Director of the Retail Banking of the Bank of Moscow.