OREANDA-NEWS.  February 2, 2012.  On the 31st of January 2012 a routine meeting of Unit 1 of Baltic NPP (Neman District of Kaliningrad Region) construction control panel was held on plant site.
It was attended by Yevgeny Vlasenko, the Director of Rosenergoatom branch the Directorate of Baltic Nuclear Power Plant under Construction, Valery Limarenko, Director of NIAEP, and Vyacheslav Makhonin, Limarenkos First Deputy and Director of Baltic Branch, Sergey Buchelnikov, Director General of JSC Baltic NPP, as well as representatives of SPb AEP and subcontractors engaged in the plant construction.
Vyacheslav Makhonin familiarized the attendees with the approved 2012 subject plan of Unit 1 construction. The plan contains discrete construction schedules of both major facilities, which include turbine and reactor buildings and auxiliary and support facilities. According to Makhonin, the construction financing is on schedule.
Due to an increase in work volume by nearly three times, recruitment of construction workers continues, and by the end of the first quarter the headcount will be 1,500 people, with an average annual number of more than 2,500 people. The main task of today for subcontractors is to hire high-skilled staff.
Bidding lots of construction and installation works and equipment are prepared and placed on the electronic trading platform of Rosatom where tenders are held.
Representatives of companies involved in the NPP construction reported on their work progress at priority facilities and on how this work was organized on those freezing days. It was noted that all necessary measures have been implemented to avoid degrading of quality of the construction and installation works, to have the machinery operated appropriately and to provide heating and hot meals for the workers.
There is no doubt that the first quarter plan will be fulfilled, Valery Limarenko, Director of NIAEP, assured the attendees.
At the present time, 631 persons are engaged in Baltic NPP construction; of them 525 persons are residents of Kaliningrad Region.