OREANDA-NEWS.  February 2, 2012. Anhui witnessed an eighth year of economic growth at the speed of two digitals in 2011, which is also the beginning year of 12 Five-Year Plan ending in 2015.

1. Economic Development
Gross domestic production (GDP) in Anhui Province reached 1.51 trillion yuan, up 13.5 percent from 2010, maintaining two-digital growth rate for eight consecutive years. Other main indices which are adopted to gauge economic growth also saw a rapid enhancement, among them, fiscal revenue, investment on fixed assets, social retail goods, and foreign trade volume was up by 27.6 percent, 27.6 percent, 18 percent and 29.1 percent respectively from previous year, which made the province a bellwether in Central China.

2. Agricultural and industrial growth

It had been the sixth bumper year for Anhui in grain output in 2011, as the total volume topped 62.7 billion jin, or 31.35 billon kilograms, 5.5 billion kilograms more than that in 2010.

Added industrial value for above-scale industries surged by 21.1 percent to 70.6 billion yuan, with the growth rate ranking 4th across the country and 1st in Central China, among them, new strategic industries gained about 60 percent increase in added industrial value.

3. Stably increased investment and well-functioned consumer market

Investment on fixed assets in Anhui rose by 27.6 percent to 1.2 trillion yuan in 2011, which was the 9th year seeing growth rate of above 25 percent. The in-place capital from outside Anhui was up by 56.5 percent for projects worth 100 million yuan or above, and actual utilized foreign investment was up by 32.2 percent.

Investment from outside the province and non-government investments became two pillars supporting the booming economy.

Social retail goods in Anhui reached 490 billion yuan, with increasing rate of 18 percent, 0.9 percentages higher than national level. Also, the foreign trade volume stood at 31.3 billion US dollars, up 29.1 percent from 2010.

4. Growth of fiscal revenue and residents’ income maintained the momentum

Anhui recorded fiscal revenue of 263.2 billion yuan in the year of 2011, up 27.6 percent from 2010, while fiscal expenditure in the same year stood at 330.5 billion yuan, up 27.7 percent from 2010, and the increasing rate was 6.9 percentages higher than that in previous year.

The disposable income per capita for urban and rural residents in Anhui saw increase of 17.8 percent to 18,606 yuan in 2011, and with price factor deducted, the actual increasing rate reached 11.8 percent.