OREANDA-NEWS.  February 2, 2012. The Authority of Big Port St. Petersburg has published the ice bulletin and a map of ice cover prepared by “St. Petersburg Center of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring-Regional” (CHEM-R) in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland as of the end of January.

According to the bulletin intensive ice formation continues in the eastern part of the Gulf. A solid 15-30cm-thick shore-fast ice is observed in the waters of the Neva Bay with 10-20cm-thick close pack ice stretching to longitude of Moshchny Island. lighthouse and further to the west 8-10 nm there is open pack ice. There is sea ice crust at longitude of the island of Hogland and first stages of ice formation.

To the west of Beresoviye Islands ice crust formation is observed, with very close pack ice, partially with pressure ridges at longitude of Sommers Island.
There is formation of 15-30cm-thick shore-fast ice in the area of Zelenogorsk and Sestroretsk.15-20cm-thick fast ice is also reported in the Vygorg Bay. In Proliv B'yerkezund and in approaches to it – 10-20cm fast ice. In the bays of Luga and Koporskaya – 10-20cm-thick close pack ice (ranging from 8 to 10pts).

In the next few days frosty weather with rapid ice formation will persist in the eastern Gulf of Finland.

The thickness of ice is expected to increase by 2 or 4 cm. Formation of fast ice will continue in the Luga Bay, as well as frazil and grease ice to longitude of Viirit Islands.