OREANDA-NEWS.  February 2, 2012. AtaBank OJSC ended 2011 with successful financial and economic results.

The Bank reports that last year its assets grew by 7.4% or AZN 15.9 million. In other words, AtaBank’s assets which were at AZN 215.1 million in early 2011 reached AZN 231.1 million by the end of past year. Assets consisted mainly of loan portfolio which showed significant growth. It increased by 6.0% or AZN 8.3 million. Making AZN 138.4 million by early 2011 the loan portfolio reached AZN 146.7 million by its end.

In 2011, the portfolio of fixed deposits increased much. This indicator grew by 9.7% or AZN 14.4 million and reached AZN 163.1 million.

By early 2011 it was at AZN 148.7 million. Time deposits of the population in 2011 demonstrated the most significant growth. So, last year they rose by 19.8% and exceeded AZN 101.9 million.

By late 2011 return on assets (ROA) and equity (ROE) of the Bank amounted to 1.53% and 12.45% respectively. By the end of 2011 AtaBank’s net profit amounted AZN 3.1 million.

Last year the Bank increased network of cash machines from 54 up to 64 and network of POS-terminals up to 604 units.

"Success achieved last year imposes additional responsibility on the Bank and its employees in 2012. To implement the priority objective of being one step ahead, AtaBank plans this year to start new projects to improve the operation system and increase customer satisfaction. In the current year financial growth and the successful continuation of the institutional development will be an integral part of strategic development.

At the same time, the Bank plans to open some electronic branches and sub-branches. In 2012, the AtaBank’s main goals are introduction of new services, improvement of professional skills of employees, obtaining international lending and deposit ratings," it was informed.

The Bank also points out that currently international audit company Deloitte & Touche is auditing the financial and economic indicators of the Bank for 2011.