OREANDA-NEWS. February 3, 2012. During 2011 the market for asset management and collective investments increased by 20% to USD  2.6 trillion. rub., according to a review of the preliminary results of the largest of the Management Companies in 2011, "No hope for retail," prepared by the rating agency "Expert RA".

According to estimates, "Expert RA", in 2011, the share of pension funds in the market increased from 8 to 15%. The share of pension assets in the market, including pension funds reserves is about 40%. In 2012, the amount of retirement savings, sent from FIU in the Management Companies (directly and through pension funds), experts say the agency will exceed 200 billion rubles, which would increase the retirement savings segment from 340 to 550 billion rubles. Against the background of less predictable dynamics of the FTRA and the private IMU steady stream of pension assets to the Management Companies could lead to an increase in the share of this segment to 50% of the market asset management by the end of 2012.