OREANDA-NEWS. February 3, 2012. Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading developers of secure content and threat management solutions, announces that it has been granted a new patent in the USA. Patent № 8099785 covers a “Method and System for Treatment of Cure-Resistant Malware”, otherwise known as treating a computer with an active infection. The technology does this by deleting all copies of cure-resistant malware to successfully complete treatment. The patented technology was developed by Mikhail Pavlyushchik.

The newly patented technology permits the locating of active infections so as to block all possible actions aimed at their restoration. Actions that are blocked include writing to disk, changes being made to the registry, and operations for creating new processes or threads, etc. Once all such actions are blocked, the malicious files can be deleted from the infected computer with an antivirus program. All the blocking actions are carried out by a special driver loaded into the kernel space.

At present Kaspersky Lab has been granted 49 patents covering its advanced technologies in Russia, 42 in the United States, one in Europe and another in China. A further 35 patents are currently pending in Russia, 45 in the United States, 37 in Europe, and 23 in China.