OREANDA-NEWS.  February 3, 2012. Ryanair, the worlds favourite airline, today launched the Ryanair Cash Passport in Ireland. The MasterCard prepaid card (managed by Access Prepaid Worldwide) will replace other MasterCard Prepaid cards as the only way to avoid Ryanairs EUR 6 admin fee for Irish originating bookings from 1st March12 onwards. All Irish bookings made with any other card will attract Ryanairs EUR 6 admin fee.
The Ryanair Cash Passport will deliver the following benefits for Irish cardholders:
       Each cardholder will receive a EUR 10 Ryanair travel voucher (equivalent to the value of the card fee).
       There will be no EUR 6 admin fees on any Ryanair bookings paid for with the Ryanair Cash Passport card.
       No transaction fees will be levied on cardholders for any purchases made on the Ryanair.com website or at any other merchants.
       The Ryanair Cash Passport card is a convenient and secure way to carry money abroad, make purchases and ATM withdrawals.
       Card top-ups can be made at www.cashpassport.com/ryanair.
       All customer funds loaded to their Ryanair Cash Passport are held in trust and are protected.
Just like a debit card, the Ryanair Cash Passport can also be used for ATM withdrawals, online and high-street purchases at more than 32 million locations worldwide (that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark). The Ryanair Cash Passport card, which was launched in the UK on 12th September 2011and in Italy on 1st November 2011, will be rolled out in other European countries in the coming months.