OREANDA-NEWS. February 06, 2012. The Chairman of the STS Oleksandr Klymenko instructed the heads of regional tax offices to hold open meetings with representatives of business community during February.

During these events entrepreneurs can express their wishes regarding the organization of work of tax office in 2012, to discuss disputable issues, determine the format of cooperation with the STS taking into account changes in legislation that entered into force since January, 1st, 2012.

Thus, the Chairman of the State Tax Service urged representatives of business to be frank.

"We do not need formal events such as "party meetings." I focused attention of my colleagues that this should be an open dialogue. In the format of direct answers to sharp questions, bustling discussion, productive find compromises. We need to feel the confidence of entrepreneurial community, their expectations to competently plan our work according to their needs," Oleksandr Klymenko underlined.

"Schedule of meetings – is open. And I ask all entrepreneurs who have something to say, to come for a frank conversation with the tax authorities in their regions. Because ignoring problems has never helped to solve them," Oleksandr Klymenko summed up.

The schedule posted on the website of the STS of Ukraine: www.sta.gov.ua.