OREANDA-NEWS. February 06, 2012. Being on-line since last January, "B-Chem" operates well. Up to now, the cumulative transaction turnover reaches nearly RMB1.6 billion yuan. The sponsors include industry leaders such as Shanxi Coking, Jinan Steel, Nanjing Steel, Xinnuo Chem (Huanghua) and the society number has reached nearly 700. As the first coal chemical industry network information trading platform, "B-Chem" boosts the coal chemical industry's information technology development, service capability and improves yielding, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

Since October 2009, Baosteel chemical products are sold on B- steel platform and this new trading pattern is welcomed by customers. After systematic research and planning, Baosteel Chemical, B-Steel and Wuhan Coking decided to co-finance and established Shanghai B-Chem Co., Ltd. in March last year. With B-steel e-commerce platform operation service technological experience, it provides chemical manufacturers, traders, end customers, logistics service providers in coal chemical industry chain with range of services such as online trading, mercantile information, logistics coordination, and supply chain financing.

As the coal chemical industry e-commerce pathfinder, since beginning, "B-Chem" puts expanding market and fostering customers as the key and carries out a series of unique work. First, by virtue of their familiarity with the industry, it provides customers with professional advisory service.For example, in pre-trading time, it promotes customers online, and according to their actual needs, provides them with advice on bidding method, time, number, user tier and pricing.

After transaction, it provides customers with professional transaction data analysis, similar products trade comparison and market trends analysis. Secondly, it actively creates a chemical product trading club atmosphere. On the platform, it analyses market conditions according to transaction data and timely releases market analysis. When offline, it organizes thematic business salon, strengthens communication and exchanges between upstream and downstream enterprises and enhances "B-Chem"'s influence and cohesion in the industry.

At present, several well-known domestic coal-chemical enterprises have become "B-Chem" transaction initiators and the society member is also increasing. The final transaction price online has become many coal-chemical enterprises' offline pricing benchmark. For example, Shanxi Coking online average monthly trading volume reaches RMB 10 million yuan, covering potassium sulfate, methanol and urea. Online product  transaction price directly affects the product offline listed price next month. In addition, the "B-Chem" price discovery capability also creates value for customers. Since last May, Jigang starts transaction as trading initiator and its ammonium sulfate product final price is 22% more than the listed price.