OREANDA-NEWS. February 6, 2012. CROC has implemented a multi-tiered storage system for Home Credit Bank, one of the leading Russian retail banks. The project was implemented within four months.

A multi-tiered storage system was implemented in order to accelerate Home Credit Bank's business application performance and improve data storage efficiency. Migration to the modern EMC VMAX high-performance system means that the company no longer suffers from the limitations of the obsolete system regarding the number of possible transactions.

“Our system stores information about more than 21 million customers throughout Russia and this number continues to increase. As a result, it is important for us to ensure reliable information storage along with improved business process efficiency. This is our first time operating a multi-tiered storage system. We were concerned about whether it would satisfy all requirements as it has significantly fewer hard disk drives than the obsolete storage system. However, load testing showed that we now have a reliable platform capable of scaling in terms of both disk space and performance. I am positive that the storage system upgrade will help to drive the rapid growth of our banking business,” Sergey Novitsky, IT Support Department Director, Home Credit Bank, says.

“The task was to implement a heavy duty storage system without increasing application response time. The selected configuration fully meets all requirements, has at least double the required performance capacity and can be further expanded by adding low-speed HDDs without service quality degradation. Moreover, the system analyses queries generated by applications and automatically moves the most demanded data to the fastest SSDs, with less demanded data being stored on cost-effective SATA drives,” comments Dmitry Doshaniy, Director of CROC's EMC Solution Center.

“EMC Symmetrix VMAX is a leading platform among high-end data storage systems, which ensures reliable multi-tiered data storage, high performance and extremely flexible functionality. Horizontally scalable architecture ensures cost savings thanks to flexible adaptation to changing business requirements. In addition to ensuring automatic multi-tiered storage, the system also prioritizes applications and monitors performance,” Vasily Ivanov, ЕМС Russia Technology Consultant, says.