OREANDA-NEWS. February 6, 2012. An Access personal loan, repayable over 5 years, is available to existing Uniastrum customers with a positive credit history and to persons employed by organizations partnering with the Bank, particularly on pay-roll programs. Borrowers falling into these categories can now take advantage of new, easier terms and conditions.

According to web portal Sravni.ru, in 2011 Uniastrum’s Access loan became one of the best consumer credit deals on the Russian market. The portal calculates that in January 2012 anyone taking out an Access loan (guaranteed) of Rb 100,000 with a 1-year repayment period can expect to pay interest of Rb 5,765.15. Applying for a loan of up to Rb 100,000 requires minimum paperwork and formalities, just a completed loan application form, a Russian passport, and a second document that can be one of the following: a driving license, valid international passport, tax registration certificate, state pension insurance certificate, military ID card.

Uniastrum’s Access program allows borrowers to take out up to Rb 600,000 for any purpose. Interest rates start at 10.5% APR and are determined on a per-customer basis using risk-based pricing. Along with the loan, customers automatically receive a Visa Electron card. Payment is by fixed monthly installments and can be made at any Uniastrum Branch, via self-service kiosks, or using QIWI and Elecsnet payment terminals. For more details visit http://www.uniastrum.ru/personal/crediting/customer/affordable/.

“We set great store on building long-term relationships with customers and are always ready to offer easier terms to our loyal borrowers,” says Vasily Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of Uniastrum’s Management Board. “An Access loan is one of the Bank’s most popular retail credit options and now offers even more conspicuous benefits.”