OREANDA-NEWS. February 07, 2012. Siauliu bankas was recognized as the company of the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius that has made the biggest improvement in the area of investors’ relations over the previous year. The nomination of the best stockbroker of 2011 issued by the  NASDAQ OMX Vilnius went to the employee of Siauliu bankas as well, reported the press-centre of Siauliu bankas.

At the beginning of the new year, the  NASDAQ OMX Baltic Stock Exchange in Vilnius , Tallinn and Riga were announcing the assessment results of  the investors’ relations of the Baltic Stock Exchange and granting awards for the previous year. The winners were chosen from the 80 companies listed on the stock exchanges of the Baltic States during live broadcasting.

Summarizing the results according to all criteria of the project, Siauliu bankas was among TOP 20 of the best companies of the securities market in the Baltic States and took the 12th place.

Winning the award of the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius for the most obvious improvement in the area of investors’ relations for the previous year Siauliu bankas took the third place in this category among the companies listed on the stock exchange of the Baltic States. According to the criteria set by the stock exchanges the improvement of Siauliu bankas comprised 7.8 points in the mentioned category.

“Good relations with the investors help the company grow. It is very important to the companies operating in the Baltic States to maintain the high quality of the relations with investors as the participants of the financial market show more trust the transparent and liable companies. We are really pleased that 26 undertakings operating in the Baltic States have improved their investors’ relations, “- said Armina Salandziene, the Head of NASDAQ OMX Baltic markets.

Selecting from 17 candidates the broker of the year award was granted to Rimantas Janusevicius , the Director of Securities Trading Department of Siauliu bankas. According to Mrs. Salandziene, who gave the award to the best broker, the key criteria of the contest, which served as the basis for brokers assessment, were as follows: professional skills, ethics, active promotion of stock exchange, broker’s dutifulness, flexibility, culture of communication, initiative and other characteristics. The best broker has been chosen by the journalists revealing financial markets, investors, stock exchange and the colleagues brokers.

Selecting one company  of 33 listed in the  NASDAQ OMX Vilnius in the category of the most attractive undertaking for the small investors in 2011, Siauliu bankas was highly scored according such criteria as competence of senior management, communication of senior management with the investors, quality of submitted reports, transparency of performance, attitude of key shareholders towards investors and liquidity of shares on the stock exchange.

The shares of Siauliu bankas have been quoted in the trading list of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius since 1994 and since 2006 the shares have been enrolled into the Official Trading List. The Bank’s shares are included into such indexes as OMXBBGI, OMXBBCAPGI, OMXBGI and OMXVGI.