OREANDA-NEWS. February 07, 2012. The delegation of National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") headed by Vice Chairman Zhang Xiaoqiang visited COSCO's Piraeus terminal, accompanied by Mr. Li Yunpeng, Vice President of COSCO Group, Mr. Yuan Xiaoyu, Vice President of COSCO Europe, and Mr. Fu Chengqiu, Managing Director of Piraeus Container Terminal S.A., reported the press-centre of COSCO.

After being briefed on the current development of terminal investment and operation in port of Piraeus, Vice Chairman Zhang Xiaoqiang highly recognized COSCO's successful operation result since taking over container terminal of port of Piraeus in October, 2009 and commended COSCO Group on efforts in addressing the world financial crisis and European debt crisis during its daily operation.

He also believed that the COSCO's presence in this region not only obtained economic return but also gained with social satisfaction, and more importantly, this well-received corporate image set up a successful example to all the other Chinese companies in their attempts going global market, particularly in European Union countries. Vice Chairman Zhang hoped COSCO Group further implement the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan by carrying forward the experience in Greece and growing strong competence in overseas market to render much more valued efforts in China's economic development.

This visit is also attended by senior officials from Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment and Department of International Cooperation of NDRC.