OREANDA-NEWS. February 7, 2012. About 51% of drivers in Donetsk Oblast fill their cars mostly at Parallel filling stations. These are the findings of a market research conducted by Research and Branding Group, an independent public opinion and market research group of companies. In Lugansk Oblast 28% of respondents prefer Parallel.

Explaining their choice, the drivers gave a number of reasons, with comfortable location, good, unvarying fuel quality and excellent service being the most important. Loyalty programme and prompt attention also play a role, the respondents said.

The research found that Perfekt, Parallel's branded fuel, is the most recognisable among all branded fuels in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. Altogether, 70% of drivers who filled their cars with Perfekt described it as a quality fuel, 60% underlined its unvarying quality, 59% noted that it improves engine performance, 53% emphasized Perfekt boosts engine power, 51% said the fuel emits fewer pollutants into the air, and 59% mentioned good fuel efficiency.

"The research has proved once again our leadership in Donetsk Oblast and a rapid growth in popularity of Parallel brand in Lugansk Oblast. We've seen yet more evidence that our development strategy is the right choice and are committed to moving in this direction," said Parallel CEO, Yelena Khiliyenko.

The survey was held in December 2011 in Lugansk and big cities of Donetsk Oblast. The project interviewed 1,601 drivers and taxi-men.