OREANDA-NEWS. February 7, 2012. In 2011, R&D Center GeoStar Navigation Ltd. (part of М2М telematics, a Russian innovations holding) produced and sold 150,000 GLONASS/GPS combined navigational receivers. This amounts to 70% of the Russian Federation market. The transportation telematics market is the company’s key sales outlet.

In 2011, R&D Center GeoStar Navigation Ltd. presented its latest development, a GLONASS/GPS/SBAS GeoS-3 navigational reseive (GLONASS ERA ready). It is a tiny (22 x 16 mm) receiver that consumes 80 mW and retails at USD 15. The specifications of this latest development make it competitive with the foreign equivalents.

R&D Center GeoStar Navigation Ltd. plans to sell up to 500,000 GLONASS/GPS combined navigation receivers in Russia and abroad during the course of 2012. The company will also put on the market the GeoS-3М. It is a peer of the GeoS-3, significantly smaller in size (14 x 14 mm).