OREANDA-NEWS. February 8, 2012. Energy complexes of Astana started to work in reinforced mode, all bach-up equipment is activated, fuel oil boilers are started work at the HES-1, due to long period, accompanied by  decrease of the temperature up to -40 Degrees. These measures let to increase the production of thermal energy up to 1373 G /cal per hour.

The HES-2 is the main source of the city, and the volume of generated electricity amounts 360 MW. But, the city experiences disadvantage within 150-200MW at evening hours, which are reimbursed by procurement from external sources and subsequent distribution to KEGOC networks.

A demand of coal and fuel oil rises in connection with a growth of generated energy. In recent weeks, daily consumption of coal amounts 9-10 tons and 200 tons of fuel oil. But, the city doesn’t have a shortage of raw materials for energy production. From the beginning of the heating season, in accordance with the agreement LTD “Bogatir Akses Komir has provided over 500 thousand tons of coal to the energy complex of the capital. Its delivery is carried out in accordance with a schedule of shipping, everyday 10-12 thousand tons of coal is imported.

So, on February 2, a coal reserve in the amount of 170 tons is built at the heating energy stations, the reserve covers two week consumption. Reserves are being constantly replenished. Also, there is about 5 thousand tons of fuel oil in reserve.

Staff offices, to prove reliable operating of energy facilities and life-support organizations in winter period, are created at the Mayor’s office of Astana, as well as at districts administrations. Staff offices coordinate and interact with municipal services, emergency and technical services, as well as with organizations, which maintain housing and social facilities.

In order to stabilize gas supply, 150 tons of propane was additionally imported to gas-filling stations of the capital. It is necessary to increase the proportion of its content in a propane-butane mixture to values which exclude its occurrence in the gas tank, which leads to condensation and the inability to supply it to the gas system of consumers. Staff offices control "The central gas supply" to provide rapid refilling of gas distribution devices, even without pre-payment of consumers.

Also, Staff offices take to special control applications and messages on issues of heating mode disruption, accidents and other emergency situations, which service “051 accepts.

However, complaints about a temperature drop at residential apartments, the lack of gas supplies continued to be received by a personal blog of the Mayor of Astana. Inter-departmental commissions work on these complaints, they go to these addresses, equipped by a special device – thermo vision camera, which allows identifying the source of heat loss.

They found that in most cases, the input heat temperature of the heat sources is normal. But, cases of lowering the temperature with sufficiently hot radiators are fixed at some apartments.

In this case, Staff offices recommend citizens to make some measures to reduce the loss of the heat, to insulate and seal windows and doors, to close doors and windows at the entrance and do not leave it open. These measures will help to create more comfortable conditions for life at a critical low air temperature and wind.