OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2012. As the minister of economy has said during the presentation of the third edition of the Economic Trends of Moldova, the growth in GDP may fluctuate within 1% depending on the external and domestic factors.

The minister has stressed the low competitiveness of Moldovan products, necessity to eliminate barriers for exports and to improve the educational system and to better train professionals. Alexandru Stratan, director of the institute of economy, finance and statistics, has pointed out at such restrictive domestic factors as corruption, gaps in the judicial system and such external factors as raise in prices for electricity, deeper recession in the European Union, new restrictions for export of Moldovan products to eastern countries.

The director of the office of WB in Moldova Abdoulaye Seck, has noted that for the country to become really wealthier, GDP rates have to be several times higher. The economy is weak yet and there are many field to be improved. The growth is to be more considerable if Moldova wants to reach the level of EU countries within next decades, - Abdoulaye Seck has said. The World Bank and IMF project the GDP growth in Moldova at 4% for 2012, with EBRD predicting it at 3,5% .