OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2012. TISCO’s duplex stainless steel has get EU VdTUV418 certificate recently. This certificate is an access to EU market for duplex stainless steel produced by TISCO, reported the press-centre of TISCO.

EU VdTUV418 is a duplex stainless steel technical standard with authority in EU. The course of getting such a certificate is featured with long cycle time, many test items, high requirements in technical parameters, and etc. Some uninterrupting test will last up to 3000 hours.

After the field test and evaluation by EU Certification Organization, TISCO’s duplex stainless steel is deemed qualified to meet all the requirements of the standard and approved of “Ferrite-Austenite Casted and Forged Material VdTUV418”, meanwhile, TISCO is listed in the Producers Catalogue of this standard. It has unreplaceable market impact for TISCO brand to enjoy the fame worldwide. It will play an important role in the company’s sustainable development.