OREANDA-NEWS.  February 09, 2012. Azerbaijan’s Rabitabank has renewed the parameters of an additional issue of shares, the first prospectus of which was registered by the State Securities Committee on 24 November 2011.

The Baku Stock Exchange reports that in February 2012 the State Securities Committee registered the next issue of Rabitabank’s shares under the same number AZ100200355P. If November’s prospectus allowed the Bank to issue 266,815 shares with par value of AZN 20.29, the February one allows issuing 285,856 shares with par value of AZN 20.29 each. As a result, in compliance with its new prospectus Rabitabank can raise AZN 5,800,018.24. The placement underwriter, as before, will be Chelsea Capital.

The current paid charter capital is AZN 13,471,362.89, and the full placement of its next issue will increase it up to AZN 19,271,381.13 - by 43.05%.