OREANDA-NEWS. February 10, 2012. The sales at the primary housing market of Chisinau was in a standstill in 2011, - LARA, real estate agency. According to experts, it happened despite all optimistic forecasts and expectations of the keen seasonal demand for real estate and further decline in prices stimulated by the social, political and economic situation in the country.

For the sales to be effective under these conditions, building companies should remember about the quality of the products offered, be conscious in estimating possibilities of consumers and professional in organizing the sales. In the framework of the program “Prima Casa’ launched in 2010, the city hall of Chisinau has already issued 135 guarantee letters for purchasing apartments.

The credits are valued at about 3 mln. 78 recipients of the project (58%) received the credit and preferred to purchase the secondary housing. The situation in the new housing segment of the real estate market has bee affected by incapacity of some companies to complete and put into operation the projects, which led to the loose of potential customers’ confidence.

However, some companies, working with the delay, did every effort to put their objects into operation in 2011 so that to increase sales and support their reputation on the background of their less responsible rivals.

According to the statistics, within 9 months of 2011, the startup grew by 45,6% in Moldova and by 45,7% in Chisinau as compared with the same period in 2010. In Chisinau it was put ihto operation 1282 apartments at the total floor space of 185,7 thou. sq.m.