OREANDA-NEWS. February 10, 2012. BM&FBOVESPA announced January 2012 market performance. Historic records set in January:

Second-largest number of total trades in BOVESPA segment’s history.

Agribusiness Securities registered with BM&FBOVESPA total BRL 9.85 billion, of which BRL 8.40 billion in LCAs.

In January 2012, the equities market’s financial volume totaled BRL 132.26 billion in 14,674,699 trades (the second-highest number of trades in a month) with daily averages of BRL 6.29 billion and 698,795 trades.

In December, financial volume totaled BRL 130.68 billion, the total number of trades 12,746,660, and the daily averages BRL 6.22 billion and 606,984 trades respectively.

Derivatives markets (including financial and commodities derivatives) totaled 54,918,567 contracts and BRL 4.40 trillion in volume in January, compared to 43,358,744 contracts and BRL 3.10 trillion in December. Open interest contracts ended the last trading day of January with 23,584,443 positions, compared to 38,230,036 in December.