OREANDA-NEWS.  February 10, 2012. NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the completion of acquisition procedures for purchasing 85% share of Global View S.A., a leading Argentinean company dedicated to video surveillance services. After the acquisition, Global View S.A. will be a subsidiary of NEC Corporation and operate under NEC Latin America(*1), NEC's regional headquarters. Tadashi Ugajin, CEO of NEC Latin America is set to become chairman and Carlos Martinangeli is to become president.

Global View S.A. has a strong customer base in surveillance services, particularly with municipal governments. Global View's business is based on a "monthly fee for service" model for solutions that include street cameras, wireless networks for transmitting video, displays for monitoring images, datacenters for storing video and software for integrating and operating solutions.

Global View's highly regarded solutions enable the company to maintain solid positioning in Argentina's public safety market.

NEC has provided over 200 public safety solutions across more than 30 countries worldwide. Its solutions include world leading biometrics solutions(*2), national IDs, border control and facility maintenance utilizing technologies such as sensors and big data.

NEC Argentina(*3)currently operates a regional competence center supporting the public safety business and has deployed solutions throughout Latin America and other regions. As a leading solution provider, NEC Argentina engages in major projects in areas that include e-Government in San Juan and National Election IDs in Bolivia.

Acquisition of Global View enables NEC to complement and enhance its public safety business and to provide total solutions that meet a wider range of customer needs.

Global View will play a major role in enhancing public safety business in Latin America by integrating technologies with NEC. NEC will continue to contribute to global markets by providing secure and safe social infrastructure systems and advanced services.

Please refer to the attachment for information on Global View S.A.