OREANDA-NEWS. February 13, 2012. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine proposes auto carriers and the authorities to work together to create appropriate competitive conditions in the market of automobile passenger transportations. In order to discuss and the invention of common solutions, chaired by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov has taken place a roundtable discussion on "The problem of illegal transportations in passenger transport in Ukraine."

During the roundtable, participants discussed the main problematic issues that exist in the area of automobile transportations and require an immediate solution.

Thus, the state considers its main task the withdrawal illegals from the market of passenger transportation and transfers their work in the legislative field.

 "In countries with market economy the state should promote the development of business. Competition generates quality: now we should develop existing passenger transport market in order to the quality of transportations was the highest, and prices – accessible," said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov.

To create favourable conditions for motor carriers in the first place it is necessary to improve the regulatory framework. It is known that the legislation now provides the following kinds of activity: regular, regular special transportation, irregular and transportation for own needs.

Irregular carriers carry out their activities not on an equal basis with the regular: for them it is a simplified system of taxation, market access - free, they do not provide transportation of benefits recipients, used re-equipped buses to transportations.

Therefore, the Ministry of Infrastructure offers to reform the system of the organization of domestic transportations stage by stage: to simplify authorization procedure for passport of a bus route, to increase the term conclusion of contracts by transportation (permissions).