OREANDA-NEWS. February 13, 2012. On the 2-nd of February, 2012 the first video conference of the management and specialists of incorporated Company JSC NIAEP JSC SE with the representatives of Chinese corporation JNPC (Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation) was held. JNPC is the customer of the project for construction of the second stage  of Tianwan NPP (the Peoples Republic of China). Representatives of subcontract organizations under project TNPP-2 JSC SPbAEP and JSC OKB Gidropress also participated in this conference.

At the video conference the parties have taken decisions on the issues, which had been raised by JNPC in the course of the conference under TNPP-2 project that was held on the 18-th of January, 2012 in Lianyungang city.

- We attach a very great importance to similar conferences and are planning to hold them once in two weeks, - Valeriy Limarenko commented. Im sure that it will allow to maintain constant working contacts and will have a profitable impact on our cooperation.

We would like to remind you that the conference with the participation of Director of  JSC  NIAEP Acting President of JSC ASE Valeriy Limarenko and General Director of JNPC U Syouzan was held on the 18-th of January, 2012 in  Lianyungang city (PRC), not far from the TNPP location. The subject of the conference at the level of the company managements of the parties was the design of the TNPP second stage composed of Units 3 & 4.

NPP is the biggest object of economic cooperation between the PRC and RF. The construction of Units 1, 2 Tianwan NPP was guided by JSC SE in line with the Russian-Chinese Inter-Government Agreement signed in 1992. In 2007 the first stage of the TNPP power units 1, 2 (with the capacity of 1060 MW each) was commissioned to the Customer (Corporation JNPC), and the plant had been  brought into warranty operation, the period of which has shown its safe and fault-free performance. Signing of the General Contract for construction of the second stage of Tianwan NPP (power units 3 & 4 with the capacity of 1060

W each) between JSC Atomstrouexport and jointly working JNPC, CNPE and CNEIC was on the 23-rd of November, 2010. In August, 2011 China and Russia confirmed its coming into force.