OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. In February 2012 Siauliu bankas reaches the age of 20. It is not only a mature anniversary in the activity of the bank which known as a partner of small and medium-sized business but also a period of positive changes and development, reported the press-centre of Siauliu Bankas.

During two recent decades the economy and financial sector of Lithuania have experienced several shocks repeatedly, however, Siauliu bankas became not only more robust but also took them as stimulus for changes in searching for new solutions of business development as well as for establishment in the market.

We are happy to welcome our jubilee and would love sharing it with each client of our bank without any exception as well as with every person in Lithuania. 20 years together with you mean much to us - it is an exceptional recognition and evaluation. We are thankful to all our clients and partners for close co-operation creating sustainable business, exchanging experience and knowledge, and developing mutual projects. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the banks employees - to all five hundred due to efforts and professionalism of whose the bank has reached today so much, - says Algirdas Butkus, the Chairman of the Board of Siauliu bankas.

According to the Head of the Bank , on the occasion of such special anniversary Siauliu bankas pays its attention and provides support to those who are in need at most. We often hear about goodwill campaigns for orphanages, sick people, and support to disabled, while old people longing for sincere attention and warmth  are remembered more seldom. Therefore, we have decided to assign the expenses planned for the Banks celebration to senior people residing in the residential homes, - states A.Butkus.

According to him more than thirty residential homes of old people shall receive new modern digital TV sets. In compliance with the EU requirements in 2012 the analogue terrestrial television in Lithuania has to be completely replaced by the digital television, so Siauliu bankas is willing to take care of seniors making their days in the residential homes brighter due to pleasant communication in front of TV.

The history of Siauliu bankas goes back to February 4th1992. Then the registered authorized capital of the Bank reached LTL 160 thou (or 16 mln roubles). After two decades Siauliu bankas is sixth bank by size in Lithuania, its capital reaches LTL 300 mln and assets exceed LTL 2,7 billion.

Three years later after the start of the Banks performance the first outlets were opened in other towns of Lithuania, i.e. in Kelme, Vilnius and Kursenai. Currently the network of the Banks outlets has been widely expanded - it includes 52 outlets operating in 31 town while the products and services rendered by the Bank are successfully competing in the market of our country.

In 2005 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), run by 61 countries, European Union and European Investment Bank, became the biggest shareholder of Siauliu bankas. In November 2011 the EBRD announced that according to its lon-term strategy in Lithuania it is planned to continue the collaboration with Siauliu bankas, provide the continues support in lending to business sector and pay exceptional attention to small and medium business.

The strong partnership and cooperation over the period of 20 years relate Siauliu bankas with such international financial institutions as the European Investment Bank (EIB), Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), European Investment Fund (EIF), German financial institution KfW, etc. The Bank is an active participant of the business promotion projects initiated by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, it is engaged in the programmes of the  block  of flats renovation and finances the municipal projects.

 In January 2007 Siauliu bankas started implementing the network of chip ATMs and installed its first 10 ATMs. At the eve of the 20th jubilee, in October of 2011, the Bank joint the joint network of ATMs and currently the clients are able withdrawing cash in 270 ATMS throughout Lithuania.

The performance of Siauliu bankas is transparent and responsible, its shares have been quoted on the stock exchange since 1994. In January 2012 Siauliu bankas was recognized as the company of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius that made the biggest improvement in the area of investors relations and the best brokers nomination for 2011 went to the employee of Siauliu bankas as well.

Siauliu bankas has 5 successfully operating subsidiaries: Siauliu banko lizingas UAB, Siauliu banko investiciju valdymas UAB, Siauliu banko turto fondas UAB, SBTF UAB and Minera UAB.