OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, within January, 2011-January, 2012, the consumer price index grew by 7%.

The January’s inflation was 1,1%, being 6,7% within January, 2011-January, 2012. In January, 2012 foods went up in prices by 0,3%, with nonfoods increasing by 0,1%; tariffs for services rendered to population increased by 0,5%.

The biggest growth in prices - 2,5% - was registered for fresh vegetables. Tomatoes went up by 8,5%, cucumbers by 5,9%, garlic by 3,4%, cabbages by 1,8%, carrots by 1,1%. Prices for alcohol beverages grew by 2,1%, vodka went up by 10,4%. Meat, meat products and tinned meat prices increased by 0,7%, with fish, milk and dairy by 0,5% in both cases.

However, prices went down for sugar by 1,3%, eggs by 7,9%, potatoes by 0,6%. Among non-foods, the biggest growth in prices was registered for printed mass media – by 2,3%, children cloths and knitted garments – by 0,2% each, coal by 1,1%. The prices went down for bottled gas by 1,1%, man foot wear by 0,1%, medicines by 0,1%.

Among services rendered to population, the biggest increase in prices was recorded for tourism and abroad vacations by 6,3%, foot wear mending by 3,3%, education by 1,6%; in particular, the charge for driving coursers grew by 2,4%, charge for kindergartens increased by 2,1%. Transport and catering services grew by 0,7%, utilities by 0,5%, including water tariffs increasing by 6,7%.

The National Bank of Moldova lowered the inflation forecast for 2012 from 6,5% to 4,9%. Inflation rate in Moldova was 7,8% in 2011.