OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (“HTHKH”; “Group”; Stock code: 215) announced that its subsidiary Hutchison Telephone Company Limited has successfully bid for a block of 30MHz spectrum for a utilization fee of HKD 150 million in the auction of radio spectrum in the 2.3GHz band held by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, reported the press-centre of Hutchison Telecom. 

With the additional spectrum acquired, the Group is well-positioned to further expand its present Long Term Evolution (LTE) frequency division duplex (FDD) network into an FDD/ time division duplex (TDD) dual-mode network over time.

Mr Peter Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HTHKH said: “Excellent network performance is fundamental to a smooth mobile broadband experience. The successful bid of the additional spectrum has further underlined the Group’s commitment to outpace the surging demands on mobile communications driven by the mobile data boom.”

To meet customers’ huge and ever-increasing demand for data services, HTHKH works unceasingly to optimise its network. Last year, the Group successfully bid for the 900MHz spectrum and has been using the new spectrum to expand network capacity, coverage and increase the speed of its mobile data services. The Group has also been “re-farming” its existing 900MHz spectrum to WCDMA to expand network coverage, boosting both the volume and quality of communication for customers.