OREANDA-NEWS.  February 15, 2012. Panasonic Corporation held a ceremony on February 15, 2012 to celebrate the completion of its new factory in Taiwan for production of ALIVH multi-layer resin boards to be used for high-functionality terminals such as smartphones.

The world mobile phone market is undergoing a rapid shift from standard phones to smartphones (high-functionality terminals) where major growth is anticipated. In order to meet the growing demand for circuit boards for these high-functionality terminals, Panasonic is striving to increase its overseas production capacity for its original ALIVH multi-layer resin boards that offer advantages in high-density and multi-layer count applications.

As part of this production expansion, the company increased production capacity of the existing plant of Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd. in New Taipei City in August 2011. Now the second ALIVH factory in Taiwan has been completed in Taoyuan, near the existing facility, and ready to begin mass production. The production capacity of the new factory will be three million units per month (calculated in terms of smartphones). Combined with the existing factory's production capacity of three million, Panasonic's total output capacity of ALIVH boards in Taiwan becomes six million per month, quadruple the 2010 levels.

Panasonic positions ALIVH as one of its priority business areas because the proprietary multi-layer resin board technology is a key component essential to the further evolution of high-functionality terminals such as smartphones. The company continues to actively develop its ALIVH business to meet the needs of smartphone and other mobile terminal manufacturers the world over.